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Wondering where to go for a product that will give you long and satisfying service. IndeServe sells both products and services with an emphasis on service. We started as a full service provider and then expanded to selling complimentary products. So if you are after a lifetime-managed product, we can provide you with the latest printer, computer, server, router, switch and software and the service to keep it working day-in and day-out.

IndeServe has serviced Hewlett Packard products for years and knows the products well, so it was natural for us to turn to HP for a product range to sell. HP is a world renowned brand and supported by the renowned service provided by IndeServe The combination is unbeatable.

A small and medium-sized enterprise is often overlooked by the major system integrators and OEMs. IndeServe deals with many SMEs and large companies on a daily basis. With over 20 years in the service industry we understand the difference between the requirements of a small business versus those of a large corporation or Government department. .

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