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IndeServe has more than 20 years of experience in servicing corporate New Zealand. We have completed interesting projects both small and large, performed difficult jobs and solved problems that stretched the imagination and provided unique solutions ahead of their time.

Whether you are a Government department, a corporation or a small business many of your counterparts are currently doing business with IndeServe. More than 2,500 companies and organisations are customers of IndeServe, including more than 150 of the top 500 largest companies. The customers read like a who’s who of business from Air NZ to Zintel, 1 screen to 10,000 screens and 5 employees to 5,000.

Many Government ministries, departments and SOEs use IndeServe for services across the country, including ACC, DOC, DOL, IRD, MED, MOE, MOH, MSD, NZQA, OAG, etc. In the private sector, many of the largest NZSX listed companies are customers of IndeServe, including AIA, GFF, RBD, STU, TEL, TLS, TRH, TUR, VCT, WBC, etc.

If you are a small or medium sized company you could benefit from our experience with high-tech solutions for the larger companies bringing the latest overseas technologies and services to New Zealand. CUSTOMERS TRUST IndeServe.


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