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Open, Powerful, Reliable Communications

In the communications industry, change is inevitable. Are you flexible enough to adapt?

 You need to...

  • Position for the future

  • Leverage existing assets

  • Reduce cost of ownership

  • Enhance your users' service experience

Meet Demands, Increase Revenue

IndeServe provides a complete range of communication services. We are the leaders in building infrastructure services and bringing new levels of service variety, sophistication, and convenience to users and providers. We can help your lower your customer service costs to optimise revenue and reduce expenses.

Whether you're a wireless, cable or internet service provider, we offer services to meet your internal needs and those of your customers anytime, anywhere.

IndeServe has worked for every major communications provider in New Zealand and been a major provider of services for end-customer premises, CBD fibre rings, pay TV suburban roll-outs, corporate VOIP VPNs, 3G network build and ….. Our reliable service solutions have delivered thousands of jobs to thousands of end-customers. Let us help you.


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