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Higher education institutions are under unprecedented pressure to trim budgets while increasing asset usability by maximising system and equipment uptime. IndeServe can help.

We can help you maximise system uptimes for IT, telecommunications and electrical asset and integrate system-wide service response times nationwide at minimum costs.

Our solutions can help

  • Fix the things that break --

    School communications and IT systems. All managed by a single web-site accessed by any standard browser.
  • Track jobs

    In the past these have been forgotten, not performed or not completed. You need to know when equipment was actually repaired, the computer upgraded or the new telephone extension programmed into the system. It's all about peace-of-mind.
IndeServe has developed dedicated, professional expertise to meet the needs of the education sector. We are able to provide in-depth knowledge of the equipment and systems necessary to maintain an efficient and modern teaching environment. As a result, we are able to offer comprehensive asset service solutions to schools and universities.

Our skilled people operate in three core areas
  • Manage Service Solutions

  • Improve System Operations

  • Enable Technologies

At IndeServe, we understand education and we deliver unsurpassed service and IT support. Letting you meet the needs of the students and the faculty while trimming costs.


School Audits
Audit of 2,400 sites in New Zealand in less than 6 months at minimum costs.

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