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Financial Services


Innovative thinking and precision execution are well known in the financial services market. For over 15 years banks have chosen IndeServe to help install, service and maintain their branch infrastructure and central computer room power and environmental systems.

Today IndeServe has long term maintenance contracts and performs regular services for several major banks and most large insurance companies. This ability to service the near entire financial services market is a testimony to our independence and the trust placed in IndeServe. Successfully taking practices learned from one customer to another within an industry sector is a uniqueness few companies process. The proof we do it well is demonstrated by the growing business with the outsourced IT and telecommunications partners used by many of the banks turning to us to carry out the work on their behalf.

Financial Services Solutions

Why choose IndeServe? Our people, solutions and processes. Our project managers and technology experts understand your issues — and we blend the right mix of services and solutions to get the job done.

We enhance our solutions with services for post-merger integration, site compliance, work desk services and network infrastructure.

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