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Public Utilities

Today, you are increasingly being side-tracked by new government regulations, resource consents, etc - rather than concentrating on delivering high quality, low cost gas, electricity and core utility services.

Our service management solutions can

  • Keep your customers informed of service changes
  • Allow you to know what is happening in the field in near real-time
  • Lower your costs of new technology and product roll-outs
The need and demand for greater efficiency in provisioning utility services is driving the cost of field services down. The old ways of doing things are past and fast catching up with utility services providers, you are faced with doing things differently – using new software for service management, introducing new products frequently, adjusting tariffs to gain new customers and anything else that will benefit you and your customers.

IndeServe has developed service management software packages for electricity metering that provide a total electronic interface with both new and legacy systems. Customers, either end-users or wholesalers, are able to monitor job performance without leaving home or the office – a simple query provides near real-time status of a service request. Improving your customer relationships and approval ratings.

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