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Services Management Software

Need to know when that server will be fixed in the Timaru, Whakatane and Masterton branch? Only detailed job tracking available at your desk can provide the answer. IndeServe runs its business this way using sophisticated service management software packages – developed in-house over many years. We call these software applications ‘ServicePoint’ and ‘Meteor’.
  • "ServicePoint"

    Is just right for medium and large businesses to manage their internal services or customer-facing services, whether the job is large or small. ServicePoint consists of an E Services suite of software applications, covering service requests and job tracking, job and site documentation, escalation management, performance and generate reporting.
  • "Meteor"

    Is a specially designed and built Service Management software package for the Metering industry. It has added features to ServicePoint  to allow electronic data interchange with customer specific software and forms specially developed for the industry to fully meet the requirements of the legislators and governing rules and regulations.

The flexibility of these applications allow rapid and low cost modifications to accommodate a unique customer requirement or industry standard.

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Services Management Application
E Service is defined as a number of service provisioning activities that are performed using the Internet
to lower cost and improve efficiency. We call these ‘Service Management Software Applications or Products’.

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