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The electricity industry is undergoing dramatic changes and the pressure is on to get in front of the trend, anticipate the next one and perform to maximum efficiency at the same time. Meteor was developed in conjunction with a leading metering management company to meet the demands of the industry. It is in operation today providing efficiencies never before achieved under the local power boards of the past, while at the same time allowing for increased flexibility to modify the software to cope with any change imposed by legislators when it occurs.

Paper is a thing of the past, with Meteor's full EDI capabilities:

  • Allows for electronic invoicing to the parent by suppliers and contractors
  • Cuts the costs of overheads to process data through automatic report generation
  • Reduces service management requirements to exceptions rather than all jobs
  • Minimises delays between the service request and field work completion
  • Provides near real-time status to retail call centres to answer customer queries online
  •  Includes meter stock transfer and inventory information by location

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