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IP Telephony and VOIP Systems

The NEAX 2000 IPS from NEC is a full-featured IP-based communications system. It provides pure voice-over-IP (VoIP) peer-to-peer connections across corporate local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN). Users have access to hundreds of service features that are used in building unique telephony applications that enhance productivity, reduce operating costs and improve communications efficiently. The NEAX 2000 IPS provides a rich set of both Key and PBX features and is positioned to provide a comprehensive cost effective solution for the small to medium sized business, hotel property or the enterprise network environment.

If you want a choice of products consider VoIPtalk from Allied Telesyn. Voice over IP networking solution for the enterprise, scaling from the smallest remote office to the busiest central site. VoIPtalk components include telephone/IP gateways, PSTN/IP gateways and the management software required to control the operation of these networks. VoIPtalk is designed to dramatically reduce telecommunications costs, since calls are re-routed through data networks instead of standard telephone networks. Outlay is minimal as VoIPtalk fully utilizes existing telecommunications equipment and IP data networks.

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