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Electricity Metering

The electricity industry has undergone major changes and the pace is accelerating rather than slowing. To keep abreast of the technology and ahead of the curve you have to employ every tool available and use the right expertise. Every household and business has an electricity meter installed and they need maintaining and regular calibrating. Electricity retailers and meter owners need assurance that their meters are operating to specifications.


IndeServe has developed ‘Meteor’, a software application designed to uniquely address the issues in providing metering field services. Meteor allows real-time access to metering jobs to provide the information customers need to feel confident their electricity usage is being reliably recorded.

Field Force Management

Managing multiple field contractors is ‘an art augmented by systems’ and unless control is precise and data is accurate, focus soon comes off of the customer and the end job to solving old problems and looking back rather than forward. Meteor is a superb job management software application designed developed and proven by IndeServe.

Integrated Field Services

The retailer, meter owner and lines company all have the need to provide on-site services to the same customer. Meteor provides a means to coordinate the actions of a diverse number of contractors, meaning the customer receives one call instead of three and only one visit – a better, more customer focused outcome for all parties.
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