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Facility Management

Whether your goal is to open a completely new branch, relocate an existing one or simply manage it, IndeServe can meet your needs - on time and within budget.

Risk Analysis

We start with clearly understanding your current and future environments — and the risks your equipment and business process could be exposed to.

Design and Build

We design an environment suitable for all your operations no matter what type you have. We’ll design and build a space that maximizes productivity and processing efficiency while minimizing your downtime.
  • Power requirements and protection
  • Network infrastructure
  • Capability for future growth.
  • Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Whether you’re moving down the hall or across the country, our relocation services manage a smooth transition to the new location. We account for all contingencies and handle all details.

Regular Maintenance

You can sleep at night knowing your facility is in good hands 24 by 7.

From planning to servicing we have your facilities covered. Efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today to find out how.


Facility Managment Plan
This Plan is one of a series of Service Plans prepared by IndeServe Ltd to assist organisations that are considering outsourcing their technology servicing requirements.

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