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… Technical installation and maintenance services are what you do
… After sales service is core business
… High availability of your infrastructure and technology is critical to your
     daily business
… Optimum staff productivity is fundamental to being competitive and

then, chances are your business is like ours!


Opting for our innovative web-based ServicePoint could make the
difference for your business that it does for ours! 

Service Management using ServicePoint  by IndeServe includes:
  • Managing resources

  • Managing time

  • Managing profitability

  • Managing customer satisfaction plus

  • Single point to call for all services

  • Service job status and tracking

  • Escalation procedures to ensure that your problem is fixed

  • End user satisfaction monitoring and web accessible reports

  • Service level performance analysis – so you know you’re getting your money’s worth
Our industry-leading ServicePoint  suite of software applications helps to keep your systems up and running anytime, anywhere. If you demand quick problem resolution, call IndeServe.


Solution Provisioning
In order to meet customer requirement for problem resolutions in the Information Technology and Networking environment, Service Providers need to evolve from specialist in a single area to generalists in several areas.

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