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Integrated Services Management

You are under increasing pressure to deliver to internal and external customers anywhere, anytime – and you just don‘t have the time to do it effectively. That’s why you need to talk to us about providing it. IndeServe has the latest Integrated Services Management software packages available that are proven, demonstrable and constantly being improved …

We call them the E Service Suite.

From simple service jobs to IT network management, we'll take on the tasks of making your business run better, while you focus on what counts.

  E Documents
Be better prepared by having a holistic database of all the assets you own.
Access as-built drawings and other related documentation via IndeServe's extranet.
  E Tech
Communications and computing environments are diverse and complex.
Simple or difficult problems, solved locally by expert online technicians and engineers.


Services Plan
All IndeServe technicians have multiple skills, the ability to think-on-the-job across systems and networks and communicate well with on-site personnel. IndeServe has been in the business of meeting customer needs for on-site technical services for over 20 years

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