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Outsourcing Options

As you make the decisions about who you want to partner with for your outsourcing services, ask yourself, “Can the competition offer the services and value that IndeServe does?”

We leverage our service expertise, systems experience and service management facilities to benefit your business through various types of outsourcing arrangements.

Deep Industry Expertise

We understand the service requirements of specialised industries. And we have comprehensive expertise in vertical markets like public sector, financial services, communications and transportation.

Transition Management Services

Our transition management methodology is tailored to suit your specific requirements and environments. And, most importantly, it has been successfully used in numerous engagements — a proven transition approach that produces results.

Performance Measurement Services

We offer a proven, integrated approach to performance management. We have the experts, processes and tools to monitor, analyse and tune resources to meet your needs. And we continually leverage our expertise and experience to offer you the results you demand.

Program Management Services

Results demand more than the outsourcing concept. It takes a standard engagement philosophy. IndeServe incorporates the best management practices into a standard engagement methodology.

Four principles guide the process

  • Define clear goals
  • Adhere to formal best-practices processes
  • Plan, schedule, monitor and report against all tasks and resources
  • Agree to deliverables and ensure change management processes

Comprehensive Account Management

For optimal success you want a single point of contact with your outsourcing partner. We assign an experienced account manager to work closely with you on all service delivery questions and concerns. Our seasoned service delivery team of professionals employ the best processes, methodologies and procedures developed over two decades of service management experience. The IndeServe account manager is responsible for, and fully empowered to deliver, the services to meet your project requirements.


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