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ServicePoint is a suite of web applications developed by IndeServe, to administer the sourcing, supplying and management of all types of installation, maintenance, repair and support services.

There are two ways you can use ServicePoint from IndeServe:

  • As an ASP solution – ie, you operate all aspects of the system, hosted by IndeServe, and charged on a “Pay Per Use” basis
  • Outsourced to IndeServe to provide a total managed service with full access to the hosted information
  • Either way you only need access to the Internet. IndeServe will take care of the rest!
Being web-based, you’ll have access to all application privileges afforded by ServicePoint  over the range ‘request to completion’, including:
  • Logging requests: Faults, Assists, Change and Work Requests, Scheduled Maintenance
  • Scheduling and Dispatch of Resolvers (internal or external, staff or contractors)
  • Monitoring progress of jobs
  • Service Level and Escalation Management
  • Contractor and Supplier Management
  • Asset / Stock management

Comprehensive Account Management

For optimal success you want a single point of contact with your outsourcing partner. We assign an experienced account manager to work closely with you on all service delivery questions and concerns. Our seasoned service delivery team of professionals employ the best processes, methodologies and procedures developed over two decades of service management experience. The IndeServe account manager is responsible for, and fully empowered to deliver, the services to meet your project requirements.


Job Tracking System
ServicePoint  Technical Description

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