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Service Plans

In business there is, often at critical times, equipment you depend on to do your job that breaks or doesn't work quite the way it should. You wonder whom to call; do you ignore it or do something about it? The problem doesn't stop there, in the case of a failed computer.

Opting for our innovative web-based ServicePoint could make the
difference for your business that it does for ours! 

  • Is it the cabling, computer or the server?
  • Is the computer under warranty or out of warranty?
  • Do you call the computer salesperson or the computer manufacturer?
  • Is there a Service Level Agreement in-place?
  • Is it on-site service or return-to-base?
  • Who packs the computer and sends it off for repair?
There are other simple procedural activities that regularly are overlooked. In every large organisation, almost every day, someone is hired and someone leaves. Who is responsible for setting up the new employee, provisioning telecom services, desks and other office equipment and when someone leaves, the opposite? We have seen telco line charges still being paid years after the telephone was taken away, because no one was responsible for informing the telco about the disconnection. These are common events that require a "bundle of activities" authorised and delivered by experienced, cross-skilled, local service delivery teams - exactly the expertise IndeServe has demonstrated to over 2500 business customers.

A Service Plan solves these problems; the everyday break fix and "series of actions" service problems by passing these responsibilities to IndeServe - the single point of contact for all types of services.


Service Plans
In order to meet customer requirement for problem resolutions in the Information Technology and Networking environment, Service Providers need to evolve from specialist in a single area to generalists in several areas.

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