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Managed Services Plans

These plans are designed for the customer that likes easy-to-manage yet comprehensive service packages. We offer a choice of packages from basic user pays, to where the customer retains control to a fully managed service, to where the customer passes the responsibility to IndeServe. These plans offer a fixed price for prescribed services over the period of the contract and detail the conditions for the ordering, performing and finalising of individual service jobs. There are 3 Managed Services Plans: Standard Services Plan, Integrated Services Plan and a Facilities Management Plan.

Standard Services Plan 

This plan offers the customer fixed hourly rates, call-out fees and after hours for on-site 24 hour, 7 days a week service and details the conditions for the ordering, tracking and reporting of routine and urgent service jobs. It provides for general electrical service work, moves, adds and changes of PABXs and LANs, equipment repairs and security system faults. Use of the Internet for job booking and tracking (available only if volumes justify an extranet web site) is a key differentiator between the Standard Service Plan and the Service Plans offered by other service providers.

Integrated Services Plan 

This Integrated Services Plan adds value to the Standard Service option by including: advice on service strategies, recommendations on system upgrades to minimise servicing, improving workflows and service log analysis and reports. It is unique by including a dedicated extranet web site for the customer to book jobs, track progress and post and maintain as-builts and network drawings. Services provided are more comprehensive than in the Standard Service Plan, including: electrical, telecommunications, computer LAN, WAN and UPS services, patch panel maintenance, power quality checks and light replacements in the one Integrated Services Plan. The customer retains the final decision-making authority.

Facilities Management Plan 

Our Facilities Management Plan is a total services package that is web-centric. Everything is included and all communications are available on your  dedicated web site. Outsourced facility and asset servicing allows IndeServe to provide specialist attention to non-core tasks, and allow you to put all of your time into your core business. Outsourcing offers a long term business partner and can be equated to strategic alliance or partnership in corporate and Government circles. With this plan IndeServe is delegated the overall responsibility to 'keep things working'.


Performance Based Integrated Services Plan
IndeServe has had a number of ideas around packaging services into a comprehensive service plan and began researching the topic several years ago.

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