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Product Servicing Plans

These plans guarantee that a serviceperson will be available within a set time and over a defined period. It meets the requirements of Companies concerned with system up-time and reliability and Companies prepared to pay a premium for the service to achieve it.

Service Level Agreement 

Service Level Agreements require our technicians to be trained on the product and the company to be certified as an 'authorised service agent'. These plans spell-out exactly how the service will be carried out, the escalation procedures when things go wrong and documentation required. This plan covers computers, servers, network products, printers, PABXs, security systems and other products or systems that require full-time operation and are critical to performance.

Maintenance Plan 

Maintenance plans are generally taken on equipment and systems that require routine maintenance and servicing to operate efficiently when in use. Power systems, ie, UPS's and generators are usually sold with a maintenance plan. For example, data storage systems with fans that need to be checked and cleaned regularly are ideal candidates for a maintenance plan. All products sold have a period of warranty that is funded by the manufacturer, usually 12 months from the date-of-purchase. This plan covers both the service performed during the warranty period, in which case it is billed to the manufacturer, and out-of-warranty where the service is billed directly to the end customer. Under warranty the price is usually fixed per service and out-of-warranty is charged at an hourly rate plus the price of parts.



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