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Shared Risk Service Plan

Shared risk plans appeal to customers that are prepared to pay a premium for exceptional service and expect a discount if the service is performed below expectations - measured against pre-agreed thresholds. These Plans are applicable to services that are preformed routinely and in high volume and typically are priced on unit rates or codes per service type delivered.


This plan spells out the services to be provided, the price per service and a set of KPIs for measuring performance. If performance exceeds the KPI's upper limit the customer receives a rebate. This plan uses 'benchmarking' to set the original unit rate for a particular service, with both parties taking a risk that they can skew the outcome in their favour. This is essentially a unit rate type of plan, where the service is typically routine, performed in quantity and reasonably straight forward. The customer wants a fixed price for each job and expects the service provider to profit on the so-called 'swings and roundabouts'.


Integrated Services Plan by IndeServe
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