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System Support

You are at critical point and the computer needs access to a stored file to complete the pricing proposal that has to be in before noon – and the computer fails. Who do you call for emergency help? This is a common concern of every business not large enough to afford an internal IT support person. SMEs need to have a solution to this problem that is known by all staff - the solution is as simple as a LAN or IT support contract with IndeServe.

Deliver maximum availability for

  • Notebooks

  • Desktops

  • Servers

  • Networks

Response time options

  • Business Critical 24x7 / 2-Hour Response

  • Business Critical 24 x 7 / 4-Hour Response

  • Standard, 9 x 5 / 4-Hour Response

  • Standard, 9 x 5 Next Business Day

Whatever it takes to get your system back on its feet and running your business. We are dedicated to your needs. Contact us today for a support service plan that’s right for your business.


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